Zip Lock extruder

The sturdy Zip Lock Extruder is designed to produce the Zip Lock Bag Film. It comes with automatic control, die head of film blowing and drawing film to bring you a reasonable design and stable performance.

This Extruder is Specially Designed To Produce Zip Lock Bag Film

Technical Details

  • WIDTH :- 80 - 400MM
  • OUTPUT :- 5 - 15 kg/hr
  • THICKNESS OF THE FILM :- 0.03 - 0.22MM
  • SCREW DIA :- 50MM
  • SCREW RATIO :- 30 : 1

    Salient Features

  • Zip Lock Extruder has a film blowing machine that is designed to extrude plastic film and zipper tape through a die at the same time.
  • It is tailored to mainly produce pre-applied zipper films for the grip seal bag use that can go with all bag styles and zipper types.
  • The inbuilt film blowing machine has added units like vane cooling and heat dissipation device
  • It is equipped with frequency control and automatic inflation modulation.

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