Aba 2 Layer extruder

Vishva GlobalX offers a Highly efficient ABA / 2 layer extruder to the market. Our special designed screw and gearbox help get high outputs with low energy consumption. An ABA film plant extruder can make 2 layer and 3 layer films. The ABA machine is equipped with 2 extruders and a 3 layer die. One extruder supplies to the outer layers of the film and the other extruder supplies the middle. A normal 2 layer extruder is used to make striped colored film or two different color films ( eg. white in the front and black on the back like e-commerce bags )


Blown Film Extruder Output Screw Diameter Main Motor Working Width Thickness Range
VELOBLLOW 35 X 45 COMPACT MODEL 60 to 70 kg/hr 35 X 45mm 15 X 20 H.P 600 to 800mm 20 to 80 microns
VELOBLLOW 45 X 45 80 to 85 kg/hr 45 X 55mm 20 X 30 H.P 1000 to 1200mm 20 to 150 microns

We also provide the following equipment
with the machine on request

  • Bi-metallic screw and barrels - for longer life of the screw and barrel even running on reprocessed materials
  • Lever type screen changer for changing the filter mesh easily and reducing the wastage and down time on the machine.
  • Oscillating Haul-off - this is used when one has to make flat rolls without gussets.
  • Embossing roller - for a embossing impression on the film ( normally for HDPE t shirt films )
  • Back to back winder for making sheets
  • Corona treater - to treat the film for making it printable.
  • Trim blower / trim winder for blowing away the trim in a cage or to rewind it.
  • Hopper loader - automatic suction of material to feed the machine.

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