Corona Treatment Unit

VELOTREAT - Corona treaters increase the surface energy of films, foils, and paper to improve wettability and adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives. The Corona Treatment method is widely used nowadays to increase the surface tension of the films. Treatment of plastic film is done by passing the film through the corona discharge created between electrodes and dielectric covered (Silicon Sleeve) Earthed roller. As film passes through the corona discharge, molecules of surface gets oxidises which has more surface tension. The corona discharge between electrode and roller is visible by violet colour flame between them. Treatment power is purely depend on Film type, Film width and machine line speed.


  • Min Width - 600
  • Max Width - 2000
  • Line Speed - Upto 80 mtr/min
  • Power (KW) - Upto 8KW
  • Switching Device - IGBT
  • Control Panel - For Speed Control

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