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Veloslit – Slitting Machine

Vishva exim proudly introduces its wide range of veloslit – slitting machines.

Veloslit range of slitters are high speed slitters for the plastic and paper industries.

As the machine is highly diversed in terms of running all kinds of materials like – HDPE, LDPE, PP, BOPP, CPP, laminates, PVC, polyamide, pet film, paper, semi rigid film, polyester,

The machine is designed in a way that the operator running the machine has easy of working on the machine, the setting and job change over are very very easy and takes least amount of time and the operator also can save specific save settings in the plc.

Range of slitter

  • Width – 1300 to 1650mm
  • Speed – 350 to 600mpm
  • Unwinder core – 76mm ( 3”) or 152 (6”)
  • Rewinder core – 76mm ( 3”) or 152 (6”)
  • Minimum slitting – 50mm
  • Parent roll max 1000kg
  • Rewind roll max 250kg each shaft

Benefits Of Veloslit

Unwind Section

  • Shaftless
  • Unwinder
  • Hydraulic up-down movement at
  • Unwinder Motorized in-out movement
  • at Unwinder Alignment Roller
  • Line/Edge Guiding
  • System Bowed Roller
  • (Banana Roller) Pull/Draw
  • Pull/Draw Section

Cutting/Slitting Section

  • Idler Rollers
  • Pneumatically controlled adjustable Lay
  • On/Contact Arms

Rewind Section

  • Automation/Electro mechanics/Touch Panel
  • Interface/Tension Control Pneumatics
  • Wall Structure/Tie Rods/Sturdy Designed Mechanics