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Can’t win the fight against plastic without recycling

When we have to answer the problem of plastic bags use, we know what the best approach is : RECYCLING. In truth, we do recycle more plastic bags and plastic items in general than we did a decade ago.

Plastic bags recycling is a relatively new industry. While we know how to recycle plastic lids and caps and other plastic items, the recycling of flimsy plastic shopping bags took wings only a few years ago. The good news is that plastic recycling machine manufacturers are increasing in field.

What is the Process of Recycling Plastic?

Recycling plastic by plastic recycling machine, the amount produced and wasted can be reduced with countries all over the world under pressure to create a more sustainable future and populations more aware of the need to reduce and reuse, plastic recycling, is carried out on a larger scale than ever before. The process involves the following:

Plastics are sorted from other recyclable materials by highly advanced machines. At the recycling plant, the plastic is cleaned of any impurities such as food waste, ink and labels. The plastic is grinded into flakes or chips which then go through the process of washing and sorting once again.

The flakes and chips are either purified with a chemical solution or melted down to form plastic resins. The resins are sent to a plastic manufacturing plant to be melted down again for processing into new products

Recycling plastic conserves the natural resources and energy that would be required to produce plastic from scratch.

When plastic is recycled, less plastic is sent to landfill and thus, less of this material takes up room in our environment for hundreds of years. In fact, recycling one ton of plastic can save 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.